• refugees_at_keleti

    Hungary: A Problem for the West?

    ARTICLE BY REGGIE KRAMER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Among the many threats facing the Western world today—terrorism, nuclear Iran, nuclear North Korea, Russia, etc…—the European nation of Hungary might seem an outlier. Yet, in many ways, Hungary’s current state of affairs threatens the cohesion of [...]
  • trumpclinton-1024x597

    What’s At Stake in November’s Election?

    ARTICLE BY NATHAN AUSUBEL When faced with the most demoralizing election in modern American history, we can easily lose track of what’s at stake in the coming weeks. We’ve become so enraptured with the gladiatorial combat between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that we’ve lost sight of the [...]
  • 635852175803240740-1960813007_635747586732394001-117508589_vote_social-media

    How Much is Social Media to Blame for Political Polarization?

    ARTICLE BY JACOB AUSUBEL How much is social media to blame for political polarization? The answer is more ambiguous than it might appear at first glance. While social media is certainly one cause of polarization, other contributing factors should not be downplayed. Back in the early 1990s, before [...]
  • bernie

    The Struggle To Achieve Party Unity at the DNC

    ARTICLE BY JACOB AUSUBEL On Monday night, I had the great honor to attend the Democratic National Convention. I saw a number of distinguished political figures, including Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), First Lady Michelle Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The [...]
  • ted-cruz-iowa-win

    Presumptive Nominee Ted Cruz: An Ode to Iowa and the Counterfactual

    COMMENTARY BY JAMES HIEBERT It’s been five months since the Iowa Caucuses and the victory of Ted Cruz. Thinking back on that decisive night I recall how it truly paved the way for Ted Cruz to become the GOP’s presumptive nominee. That three point lead over Donald “I wish I had picked a VP [...]

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